Putting Artistry
in Dentistry

A pain-free, pleasant experience!
This was my first visit to Dr Rita Frazier and I was highly impressed! I had old fillings replaced on two teeth, and never felt a thing! Dr. Frazier and her assistant were very professional, friendly, and made me feel totally at ease! I am so glad I chose Dr. Frazier as my new dentist.
-Susan Chrislip

Great experience
My 7-year-old had a great time!That’s not something that is normally said by a child after seeing a dentist especially after having a cavity filled. She was smiling, pain free, and just as happy as she could be!
-Corey Larson

High quality and caring service
I am a senior scaredy cat and need lots of TLC–which I always receive at your office. The services are friendly and professional with the best outcome. I am not yet “happy” to visit the dentist, but I am miles further along than I have been in the past. Many thanks.
-Carolyn Brooks

High quality service! Patient caregivers 5 across the boards!
My name is Willis Allen. Today, I had a root canal–well the second part to a root canal–with Dr. Frazier. She was excellent. Her dental hygienist, Rebecca, was also excellent. I didn’t feel any pain as I am very very anxious when needles are involved, but I was calm because of the coaching of Dr. Frazier. If you visit this office, request services with Dr. R. Frazier and Rebecca. By the way, Dr. Frazier is a comedian. Thanks.
-Willis Allen

Quality service
I am one of those people that dreads going to the dentist, especially if there’s work other than cleaning to be done! However, every visit to your practice has been a somewhat pleasant experience. I say “somewhat” because any anxiety I feel has nothing to do with the staff! The staff members are wonderful–very accommodating, professional, and friendly. They listen to my concerns and try to make me as comfortable as possible. When working on my teeth, they always ask if I’m okay, which is appreciated. The front office is always clean, as is the bathroom and all of the work areas. I think this office is run very well. Keep up the good work!
-Fay Shakir